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Meet The Team

Picture, Store Owner

Chuck, Founder

Picture, Store Manager

Danielle, Store Manager


Steve, Nutrition Specialist

Danielle has been at Grapevine for almost six years now, starting her employment when she was a senior in high school in 2013. Over that time she has evolved into someone who is brimming with a confidence that seems to grow each and every day. Danielle credits her time here for giving her a real appreciation for health and nutrition and is quick and eager to learn and understand just about anything that comes her way, whether it be related to supplements and CBD, produce or groceries. She also has a particular passion for plants and gardening which really shows in her excellent maintenance of our plant department. In her free time Danielle practices yoga several times a week, works in her garden and treasures her time with her family. She is also an avid world traveler, having ventured to such faraway places as Great Britain, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and, most recently, Australia and New Zealand - all in the time she has worked at Grapevine! When you stop in, Danielle will happily help you find whatever you are looking for or do her best to tackle whatever questions or issues you may have. You will certainly leave feeling very good about your shopping experience! 

Steve has worked at Grapevine since 2010, coming to us after a lengthy stint at GNC Newtown, where he cultivated many great customer contacts, some of whom he still maintains to this day. As a teenager and young adult, Steve recognized certain health issues of his own and worked tirelessly to overcome them through diet, supplements and exercise. He has been a vegan or vegetarian for many years and is extremely passionate about health and nutrition and how certain foods can affect how a person feels. He has extensive knowledge of a wide range of supplements and is very comfortable sharing that knowledge with young and older people alike. He will help you with whatever specific nutrition and health goals you may have. When he is not at Grapevine, Steve enjoys working outdoors, taking boxing lessons and spending time with his loved ones. His infectious smile and crazy but very engaging sense of humor will make your shopping experience that much more enjoyable. 


Chuck has owned Grapevine since 1988, opening the store after working in another area natural foods establishment for over four years. It was during that four year period that he began to learn and understand the natural foods industry, no only as a vocation but also as a lifestyle.  Prior to that, Chuck worked in various supermarkets for about eight years, eventually becoming the Produce and Perishable Manager at Food Lion's first Charlottesville, Virginia store. During that time he began to gain extensive knowledge of the fresh produce industry, something he uses presently in the buying and presentation of various organic fruits and vegetables sold at Grapevine Health & Nutrition. Chuck is very proud of what he has created in Newtown over these many years and is excited to continue serving his customers with the many selections of organic produce, high quality natural/organic/non-GMO groceries, supplements and CBD products and the finest locally-produced garden plants. When he is not busy at the store, Chuck enjoys working out, reading, watching baseball (particularly the Phillies!), growing things in the garden and, of course, spending time with his wonderful family. 

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