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Grapevine Health & Nutrition



Grapevine began in 1988 when Chuck Alwine bought the previous incarnation of the store, which had been run in a nearby location. Chuck had managed a similar store in New Hope and then decided to open his own in Newtown in what he saw as an up and coming natural and organic foods market.


Chuck changed the concept of the store by adding fresh produce and a lot more food. Plants came later when he began to buy from local greenhouses. Within four years, the store doubled in size when Chuck moved his enterprise a couple of doors up the street. 


Rooted in the community, Grapevine is happy to have developed a very loyal following. It is a place where like-minded consumers support the local economy by purchasing high quality products that are competively priced. But more importantly, Grapevine prides itself on creating an environment that embraces extremely good service by catering to their customers' specific needs. "We love special orders and requests", Chuck says. "And we will spend lots of time with our customers, trying to get to know them and what they want and need. A lot of people come in here and they want specific answers about their health. We have quite a few resources to help them: our staff, books, the internet and calls to various resources. We thrive on giving people personalized attention and that sets us apart. "


Now in its thirty first year of providing healthy alternatives to the expanding group of people who are choosing natural and organic as their way of living and eating, Grapevine would be thrilled to have you as a customer. 

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